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  • Folks gather before starting a conversation about jobs and wealth at Neighbor Up's Network Night on Thursday, Feb. 6. Photo by Neighbor Up member Jan Thrope.
  • Neighbors gather at Network Night on Dec. 5. Photo by Neighbor Up member Jan Thrope.
  • The first Neighbor Up awards drew about 400 people to the Tudor Arms Hotel on Nov. 2. Photo by C. Ethan Smith.
  • Anthony Body, of the Famicos Foundation, at the Circle North Celebration on Saturday, Sept. 28 with neighborhood youth.
  • Neighbors meet at a monthly Network Night in Greater University Circle. Photo by Chris Smith.
  • Youth from Circle North landscaped neighborhood yards and parks this summer as part of a group organized by residents Latricia and Joseph Motley.
  • Neighbors from Buckeye-Shaker map the future of their community. Photo by Mark Silverberg.




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