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  • Igniting the power of everyday people to create an extraordinary world right where they live. Photos by Janet Century Photography.
  • Investing in a resident-led projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland.
  • Bringing together a diverse network of neighbors to respond innovatively to the challenges that plague our communities.
  • Building a stronger city.


  • Our Grant Making Committee, made up of 22 residents from Cleveland and East Cleveland, has approved $150,041 in grants to support 60 projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland. Cuyahoga Arts & Cult...


  • We will support, with additional funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, 60 resident-led projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland with $150,041 in grants. Click the link for a complete list of our...




Total Grants Given to Date

$7.5 Million

Total Projects Funded


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Our Grassroots Directory lists more than 500 groups affiliated with Neighbor Up. Check it out to connect with neighbors doing good work right where you live, or to find out what's happening at the grassroots level across Cleveland.

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Neighborhood Connections is an innovative, nationally recognized community-building program established in 2003. Our mission is to fuel the power of neighbors to create, together, an extraordinary world right where they live. More